Affirmative Statement– “I KNOW/UNDERSTAND” Energy Type– Masculine/Yang Color Association– Purple/Voilet/Lavender/White Element-Thought Mantra– “ANG” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition –Self-knowledge/Selflessness – Divinity (Oneness) Spiritual Lesson-Universal Awareness of Being; Pure and Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness; to “to Be fully and wholly(Holy) Present in the infinite NOW moment of time; Complete and total Surrender toRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I SEE” Energy Type– Feminine/Yin Color Association– Indigo Element-Light Mantra– “AUM” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition –Self-Awareness/Self-reflection – Intuition (Inner Vision) Spiritual Lesson-To “Realize (use one’s ‘Real Eyes’” to See the Truth); Spiritual Awareness and Discernment; Cultivating and Trusting One’s own Insight and Intuition; To Know Thyself Type of yoga– Yantra/MudraRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I SPEAK” Energy Type– Masculine/Yang Color Association– Blue/Light Blue/Aqua Element-Sound Mantra– “HAM” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition –Self-expression/Self-honesty – Choice (Inner Truth) Spiritual Lesson-Speaking One’s Truth and Being truly Authentic; Honesty with self and others; balancing of Listening and Speaking; Authentic Creative Expression; Faith Type of yoga– Mantra For those of usRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I LOVE” Energy Type– Feminine/Yin Color Association– Green/Pink Element-Air Mantra– “YAM” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition –Self-love/Self-acceptance – Deep Seated Emotions (Unconditional Love and Compassion) Spiritual Lesson-Unconditional Self and Universal Love and Compassion; Gratitude and Appreciation of Self and Other; Forgiveness (of self and other) and Understanding; Spiritual Relationship withRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I WILL” Energy Type– Masculine/Yang Color Association– Yellow Element-Fire Mantra–  “RAM” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition – Intellectual Sense of Self (Will Power) Spiritual Lesson-Learning to be Effective Co-Creators with God/Universe; Using One’s Will for their Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. Type of yoga– Karma The Solar PlexusRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I FEEL” Energy Type– Feminine/Yin Color Association– Orange Element-Water Mantra–  “Vam” Consciousness Focus- Sexual prowess, creativity, self-esteem Spiritual Lesson-Honoring Relationships; Learning how to “let go” / let go of control and unhealthy attachments, as well as issues and judgments so we can surrender, go with the flow and beRead More →

In many of my posts, I’ve shared a breakdown of all seven chakras ( Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, & Crown). However, in honor of THIS post, I’d like to talk about the Root Chakra. Affirmative Statement– “I AM” Energy Type– Masculine/Yang Color Association– Red, Black, Brown Element-EarthRead More →