It makes perfect sense!
We wear our favorite color because it makes us feel good.
We paint our room a certain color to bring a certain level of warmth to our sacred space.
Many dining restaurants have red in their décor. The red color emits effervescence from their staff, as well the diners.

We apply “Color Therapy” in our lives daily but are usually oblivious to it. We don’t put on that favorite colored shirt ONLY because it’s the color we choose to like. It goes much deeper than that. We resonate with that color because of its healing property.

Color therapy is a method used to create a feeling or emotion that you seek. In the sense of crystal healing, the healing properties of crystals correspond with the healing properties of the primary color spectrum; Red, Yellow, Blue, orange, green, & purple.

Red: Passion, excitement, creativity, vitality, courage, great energy.
Yellow: Warmth, Enlightenment, Awareness, Optimism
Blue: Trust, Calmness, Understanding, Peace, Discovery,
Orange: Loyalty, Joy, Friendship, belonging, sensual
Green: Good fortune, prosperity, money, growth, abundance
Purple: Intuition, destiny, dreams inspiration, power

Black and White are not a part of the color spectrum, but they are just as vital within the holistic and metaphysical healing communities.
Black: Removes bad energy, refresh, eliminates, release
White: Purify, cleansing, renew


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