Boss Moves: Tashia Ariel is Helping Women Embrace Their Sensuality, Sexuality & Discover The Power of Their Womb!

Meet Tashia Ariel!

In a community full of women that are suffering from emotional imbalance and sexual limitations, Tashia Ariel’s mission to help women reconnect with their wombs is definitely the life-changing mission we all need.

HB: As someone who finds it important to care for your womb, I appreciate your work as a Womb
clearing facilitator. Can you give an explanation for the readers that need a better understanding of how it’s done and the benefits?

Tashia: Sure thing! My Womb Magic Clearing Sessions were birthed out of a strong need that I saw women needed when it came to connecting to their wombs in very real ways. I saw very blatant patterns of womb imbalances and trauma (even generational cycles of it!), a desire to be more feminine and balance out the polarity of feminine and masculine energy within us in general and themes of suppressed emotions, desires and passions that have been preventing women from living the orgasmic lives they deserve.

My Womb Magic Clearing Sessions is a call that allows me to help a woman pinpoint where she may be struggling sensually, sexually and sacrally (womb-wise) through a series of questions that are asked prior to the call. The answers to these questions are then explored and discussed during the session. The benefits of a Womb Magic Clearing Session helps women to: open up more to feminine energy balance, start the process of healing womb imbalances & womb trauma, shift to more ease, flow & magnetism, have MORE orgasms and clear pleasure blockages (cause we deserve ALL of the orgasms!), rediscover their passions, reignite their unique creativity and learn more about my 4-8 week one-on-one “Pussy Packages” if they desire to work with me more intimately.

HB: We’re Facebook friends, so I HAVE to commend you for having the courage to express your thoughts about the Erica Campbell Breakfast Club interview, where she says masturbation isn’t pure. For our HB readers, why do you feel her opinion on masturbation sends the wrong message about self-pleasure?

Tashia: Yes, SOMEbody had to address it! The issue I had with that Erica Campbell interview was trying to convey is that it sends a very outdated religious message that causes further disconnection in the bodies of women (ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN) that prevents them from learning about their pleasure. We have endured SO much religious programming from young ages that promoted purity, abstinence and the like with hardly any context to it other than “It’s for marriage and making babies”. To hear this from a grown woman really got me fired up because it’s like..enough is enough! What can be purer than exploring the many ways to cultivate your orgasms (with or without a man) and the magic that comes with that? Because let me keep it real, pleasure and masturbation is a delicious gateway into ways you can use that energy to shift things in your life. Erica could have really gone about it in a different way, but to do that would definitely challenge her image and stance in that type of industry. With the womb work that I offer, these kinds of messages are what creates major womb energy blockages in the first place. I could write a whole book on this topic! LOL


HB: Let’s talk about chakra balancing! Which chakras would you consider to be the most important to balance and why?

Tashia: In my opinion, the first 3 chakras are the MOST important to balance. This would be the Root Chakra (located at the base of the spine), the Sacral Chakra (our actual womb space) and The Solar Plexus (located 2 inches above our navel). These are your foundations. The Root deals with how secure and stable we feel in our lives and with ourselves. The Sacral deals with our connection to our emotional world, relationship to self and other people, our passions, our creativity, our sensuality, and sexuality. The Solar Plexus deals with our self-esteem, our self-worth, our willpower, our confidence in manifesting our desires (that FIYAH!) and manifestations themselves.

A lot of people like to only focus on the chakras above it (the Heart and beyond) and completely bypass a tremendous amount of healing that occurs in the first 3, which leads to serious imbalances..think of the longevity of a sandcastle. Granted, clearing and healing the root, sacral and solar plexus can bring up a lot of shadow work and uncomfortable lessons, but once you get over that hump, it really does make life a lot juicier! I’m a living testimony to that.

HB: You have a Patreon that I feel should be going viral!…LOL. Such a beautiful representation of black love between you and your husband. What is your mission for your Patreon community?

Tashia: I think it should be viral too already, shoot! LMAO! Thank you! My Patreon community is very dear to my heart, as its the start of a movement that I’m really passionate about. My mission for it is to continue to create sensual and erotic content that allows for people to really indulge in (and have an example of) the connection and true intimacy that a couple can have between each other that goes beyond porn. We also want to share more about related topics about sensuality, sex, sex-positive family life and so much more from both a feminine and masculine perspective. We are slowly growing but have quite a lot up our sleeve!

HB: What’s the one thing you want women to know about their bodies?

Tashia: Well first, I want women to stop being AFRAID of their bodies. There is some deeply rooted disconnection happening. I want them to know that our bodies are deities. Think about it, throughout ancient history all over the world, our bodies have been revered as sacred and holy symbols. A lot has tried to suppress that over time (which contributes to that disconnection), but rediscovering the power that our bodies hold for pleasure, creating life and birthing realities is the key to reactivating our feminine divinity!

HB: How would you define healthy sexuality?

Tashia: Whew! That is a good question. I feel like healthy sexuality is multi-layered and is the result of cultivating healthy femininity and sensuality first. Femininity is the innate and subtle energy (the driving force). Sensuality is the more expressive energy (the fuel). Sexuality is the spark and flame.. the road-opener that allows you to embrace and showcase that part of you that you’ve been hiding. In my opinion, all three need to be balanced and harmony for overall healthy sexuality. It requires you to be really intimate with yourself!

HB: A lot of women have never experienced an orgasm from penetration. Why is there such a large number of women having this issue? 

Tashia: It all goes back to the above. I think women who are not experiencing orgasms are disconnected from their bodies in several ways. It’s also a blend of relying solely on their partner to get them there. How will they know how to get you off if YOU don’t know how to get you off? Are we touching ourselves enough? Or are we robbing ourselves of the experience of exploring our own bodies due to self-judgments? There are sometimes some suppressed shame and guilt, along with traumatic experiences that block us from being in the moment and truly receiving that pleasure (being open to receiving is also a huge block with women as well). Other times, its a matter of trusting ourselves and trusting our partners (outside of the bedroom) that contribute to lack of orgasm as well. We aren’t being fully open, raw and honest with ourselves about how we want to experience sex and intimacy because, at some point, we convinced ourselves that we weren’t worthy of fulfilling experiences.

HB: What are some ways to honor our sensuality? Singles & Couples?

Tashia: For both singles and couples, some simple ways to honor your sensuality is to start infusing that energy into your everyday experiences. How do you feel when you eat? How do you feel about your clothes? How do you feel about the decor around you? How do you feel when you’re touched? And how can you elevate those experiences so that you’re more present with all five of your senses during them? This is a great place to start.

HB: What’s next for Tashia Ariel?

Tashia: I have so much I’m working on! LOL but for the upcoming year, I will be improving upon what I already have going. More sensual and erotic content for others to enjoy, more services and offerings that women from all backgrounds can benefit from and a more inclusive experience on my website that allows people to have a one-stop-shop for everything, including live webinars, etc. My ultimate goal is to create a fruitful and active community on alternative platforms that go beyond the usual social media sites that allows for us all to express ourselves sensually without censoring.


Connect with Tashia!

IG: @supernovahoney / @earthwindandfinds
Facebook: Tashia Ariel
Private Facebook Group: The Honey Coven

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