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You’re here which means you chose me to inquire about a Tarot session. I’m so happy you’re here.

A Tarot Session is a means to receive guidance and personal wisdom in a completely approachable and relatable way. With my readings, you’ll not only get the guidance you need but also some much-needed insight into chakra balancing, which I feel can help you find the answers you seek.

Tarot is an ancient divination system of 78 cards that illustrate energetic archetypes and universal lessons that we collectively experience.

If you have questions regarding relationships, love, career, or money, I’m your girl!
Have any curiosities about the decisions you’ve made, your personal path/journey or concerns over any of the aforementioned topics?

Looking for a fresh perspective on a situation that is ending or beginning in any of the aforementioned, and you’re open to receiving guidance from an alternative source?

Maybe you don’t have any questions regarding the aforementioned and you’re just seeking general clarity? I can dig it!

  • I use the 6-card spread (unless Spirit calls me to use more or less) with my career, finance, and love readings.
  • I use both the 3-card and the 6-card spread for my love/relationship readings.
  • I use Chakra Oracle Cards in addition to my tarot deck.
  • Depending on how the interpretation goes, I may pull a card or two as “clarity cards” within the spread.


Here are testimonials from just a few of my clients!


Chris Says,

First, let me say my experiences with Lakia / Holistically Being, has superseded my expectations. For the little that she charges, you get far more than what most other practitioners would offer you. She seems to put a lot of effort into giving you the best of her craft. She takes her craft & gifting seriously and she doesn’t seem to be in a rush when giving you a reading. Back when I was a practicing Christian, I was an ordained prophet. I could spot (discern) a phony a mile away. But every reading Lakia has given me has been absolutely ACCURATE. I trust her and I trust her gifting. I will continue to consult Lakia for readings for years to come!

Chris, Baltimore Maryland

Raiko says,
“I had a one card draw reading from Lakia and it was so very on point. She was able to tap into and see something very humbling going on in my life. What she read reminded me of what’s special to me and to hold it close. I am truly amazed at the accuracy of the read. Thank you, Lakia?”

Tiyanna says,
“Having my cards reads by you has opened my eyes to what should have been obvious all along. I am an undergrad student studying Kinesiology while also a dreamer of becoming a certified personal trainer and massage therapist. I want to hone any skill that could significantly grow my fitness business. The biggest problem I’m facing is having the guts to actually run my own business. I’ve always been the type to have huge dreams, yet fear had become my best friend for the longest. For weeks on end, I would have dreams showing me different spiritual outlets for guidance. After scrolling through Instagram and coming across your post advertising the free tarot card reading for a limited time, I went for the shot and reached out. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I knew that this was the move to make. With the help of the cards, you explained to me how I’m ready to take the necessary route to happiness by ignoring distractions (fears in my case) and to start taking courses to strengthen my skills and manifest my ultimate goal. I now realize that I’ve already been taking the right steps and that the only thing stopping me from going full speed with my dreams are me. Thank you again for helping yet another soon-to-be spiritual gansta!”

Meheila says,

“After weeks of being emotionally unstable, I was advised to do a releasing ritual and to get a tarot card reading…I contacted Lakia through Facebook she was offering one free card reading per person, so of course, I took the opportunity to get one. I was in a relationship that was done for and as a single mother, I needed money but most importantly, my career so I got a reading on my career. The card pulled for me was “Page of Cups”. It was interpreted in ways that I was overflowing with creative ideas and wasn’t sure which one I should bring forth. She highly sensed creative writing, when in fact, I had been writing for weeks! I’ve been writing poems & expressing my feelings through them. I also learned about healing and opening chakras…I felt great! The reading had assured me I was on a good path. I was encouraged and I am still writing.”


My Tarot Sessions are pre-recorded and sent to you via a private Youtube link. I do not do in-person sessions unless it’s for a sponsored event.

 “Same-day availability” is possible. After payment is made, allow me 8 hours to send you your reading. Please specify if there’s anything you want to know particularly by sending the info to info@holisticallybeing.com when sending your payment. Otherwise, I will not need any info and will just read:-)


  • The readings are $ 15.00.

How to pay:

Cash App: $LakiaNichole


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You’ll receive a payment confirmation note shortly after via PayPal. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account for you to purchase.

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