There’s this inevitable pressure some of us may experience come February 1st. Either we’re in a relationship trying to out-do last year’s gift or we’re single and the day serves as a reminder of our loneliness. Whichever the case, this is one holiday many don’t anticipate. Let’s be honest…a lotRead More →

As an advocate for wellness and implementing methods that supports a healthier mind, body, and spirit, it’s always a pleasure to highlight black-owned entrepreneurs and business owners who are doing the damn thing in the holistic communities! Without further ado…these entrepreneurs/business owners are blessing us with their products/services. Do yourselvesRead More →

I’d never thought the words “toxic” and “positivity” would end up in one title and make sense.   As an advocate for high-vibrational energy, alignment, and manifestation, I, as well as other advocates and highly spiritual people, often talk about the importance of staying high-vibrational. We sometimes forget that stayingRead More →