Black Women Need No One’s Approval To Honor Their Sensuality.

I think part of one’s holistic journey is celebrating the balance of their yin/yang energy, including honoring their sensuality. Chloe Bailey is the epitome of a young woman coming into her own and honoring who she is, but for some, her sensual expression is a problem. 

Collectively, Chloe & Halle personifies “Black girl Magic”. They are beautiful, talented, and I’m glad we have young black women we can look to as reminders of how truly fierce black women are. We’ve watched these sisters grow up, starting as YouTube sensations in their pre-teens. Discovered by the Queen Beyonce’ herself, she’s helped the loc’d beauties catapult into international success with their 2018 debut album, The Kids are Alright.

Chloe & Halle’s voices and stage presence reflect their style…angelic, bold, and sexy. So, when the sisters decided to launch solo Instagram accounts after nine years since launching the joint account, fans became stoked!

Like I already mentioned, collectively, they personify “Black Girl Magic”, but individually, they personify a unique sex appeal they we don’t often see when they’re together. Instagram allows us fans a chance to look into their individual personalities and we’re here for it. Unfortunately, there are a few keyboard commandos and judgmental judys who can’t help but give their opinions about Chloe’s posts.

Since their individual launches, Chloe has been showing out and showing off unapologetically, and showing us what it’s like to be a 22-year-old black woman full of freedom and the ability to give zero fucks about how she chooses to honor her sensuality. She recently participated in a challenge (one of many challenges, might I add) and that’s when we realized Chloe is GROWN grown, Chile’!



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Since the #Bussitchallenge, it’s been post after post of Chloe steppin’ on folks necks! She’s been blessing us with a display of body, face, talent, and confidence that a lot of us wish we had!

Then you have those who chooses to criticize her for openness. Some has even accused Chloe of using her sexiness as a “good girl gone’ bad” type of marketing ploy.

Chloe took to Instagram to defend her sexy image. Check the small clip below.

Here’s the thing…

If it’s one thing we must remember, it’s the fact that black women don’t need and has never needed validation from anyone when it comes to our sexual/sensual expression. It’s a woman’s birthright PERIODT, to feel good about herself. Being sensually expressive is a form of healing, believe it or not, and for anyone to judge a woman for her sex appeal, says a lot about your ignorance and lack of open-mindedness, projection of your own fears of being sexually expressive, or perhaps you struggle with owning your sensuality and want to take it out on those who can. Whatever the case, that attitude screams “stank coochie/small dick energy”. Cut it out.

In 2021, let’s learn to allow people, whether they are a woman, a man, black, white, straight, bi-sexual, gay, transgender, etc. choose how they want to honor themselves, and let’s learn how to mind our gotdamn business when they do!


Because it creates space in one’s life for not only healing, but acceptance, courage, removes trauma and also removes the need to hide themselves from who they truly are.

Chloe’s transparency is a reminder that society can be quite fickle when it comes to support of those being expressive. I’ve noticed the folks that applaud one’s effort but in the same light, say “Do you, but not like that!” As a fan, or even someone you know personally, you have to understand that a person is NOT obligated to consider your comfort level on how THEY choose to live to THEIR life. Another reminder is the fact that I don’t even remember hearing this much noise when Miley Cyrus, who went from little “Hannah Montana” to her naked ass swinging on a wrecking ball, which by the way, she had a right to do, because again…she’s a grown woman in the video. However, we can’t ignore the obvious double standard between these two particular women.

Two grown women who relieves themselves from sensual inhibition, One is celebrated. The other, not celebrated as much.

According to Chloe’s emotional Instagram Live, she came from a place in her life, where she felt unseen and unattractive. She seemingly uses her Instagram platform to display acts of self-love and loving the skin she’s in. There’s never anything wrong with a woman honoring herself in that way and let’s not forget she’s an adult.

I look forward to the day when people stop projecting their fears about sensuality and sexual freedom onto others. Instead of criticizing those who have the courage to be themselves, try finding your own courage, or STFU….respectfully.



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