Before I studied holistic living and practicing metaphysical methods for spiritual/emotional/mental healing, I struggled with ways to manifest my ideas into accomplished goals, which turned me into a ball of mess. I was struggling with constant worry and anxiety, gaining stress weight, totally unfocused and lost motivation to accomplish thingsRead More →

In a world where sex can be approached with ill-intentions, lovers can develop emotionally and spiritually dysfunctional behavior and depending on the lack of maturity and/or severity, moving beyond and reaching our highest level spiritual ascension will be impossible to achieve.   How can sex be approached with ill-intentions? There areRead More →

Smudging your sacred space is a different kind of house cleaning!   Known as an ancient practice created by Native Americans, smudging has become the ultimate solution to removing negative energy from your environment, as well as yourself. Any place you consider your sacred space is in need of smudgingRead More →

Sex is great! Sex with someone you love is even better! To know that there are methods for improving sex with the one you love is THE BEST! It’s awesome knowing that yoga is one of the many methods. Not only is yoga a great form of meditation, but certainRead More →