All About The Sacral Chakra!

Affirmative Statement– “I FEEL”

Energy Type– Feminine/Yin

Color Association– Orange


Mantra–  “Vam”

Consciousness Focus- Sexual prowess, creativity, self-esteem

Spiritual Lesson-Honoring Relationships; Learning how to “let go” / let go of control and unhealthy attachments, as well as issues and judgments so we can surrender, go with the flow and be more open and receptive.

Type of yoga– Tantric

The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana), which is also called the Navel Chakra, is the energy center that supports sexual healing, creative flow, and high self-esteem. The location of the sacral is behind the navel. Those of us with a balanced sacral chakra tend to be quite confident in our sexuality. As highly sensual people, we are the total opposite of folks that are frigid. We are self-expressive, emotionally secure, in touch with our feelings and able to express them. We are sociable, friendly, have enthusiasm for life, compassionate, loving and nurturing to self and others. We are definitely open to intimacy, healthy sexuality, and fans of healthy attitudes toward sex.

The best crystals to use for the Sacral Chakra are Amber, Blue-green Turquoise, Blue-green Fluorite, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Citrine, Coral, Garnet, Orange Calcite, Peach Moonstone, Tiger Iron, and Vanadinite.


The best aromas for the sacral chakra is  Gardenia, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Orange, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine.


The best herbs and spices to use for the sacral chakra are Coriander, Fennel, Licorice, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sesame and Caraway Seeds.


Symptoms/Signs of Sacral Chakra Imbalance

Issues that cause imbalance: Issues related to feelings and emotions, emotional disconnect in intimate relationships; issues relating to sexuality, misuse of sexual energy, sexual/emotional addictions, issues relating to personal ethics and morals, personal desires; issues related to self-esteem, self-expression, and creativity. Physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Physical imbalances: Kidney and gall bladder problems, urinary and bladder problems and infections, spleen/pancreas problems, muscle cramps, chronic lower back pain or tension, pain in hip or pelvic region, swelling or bloating in lower regions, sexual dysfunctions (impotence, frigidity, etc.,), low libido/sex drive (insiffienct energy); over-active sex drive/promiscuity (excessive energy), problems with reproductive organs and fertility; menstruation issues/PMS, issues, prostate and uterus problems, vaginal or prostate cancer, hormonal imbalances, stress-related skin conditions, issues related to large and small intestines, digestive disorders, constipation/diarrhea, weight loss/lack of appetite (insufficient energy); weight gain/overeating (excessive energy), lack of appetite/emotional over-eating, emotional and sexual addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, poor sense of taste, lack of energy, depression.

Overactive Sacral Chakra (excessive energy)

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed or burdened, overly dramatic, overly emotional, emotional outbursts, agression, overly ambitious, overindulgent, selfishness, arrogance, hyper sexuality, over-active sex drive, emotional and sexual addictions, selfish, arrogant, promiscuity, sexualaddictions; use sex to avoid dealing with your emotions, misuse of sexual energy; manipulative, seduction, emotional attachements/emotional dependency; distrust, self-absorbed, oversensitive/ruled by emotions, emotional obsessions, possessiveness, jealousy and envy, hatred, mood swings, poor boundaries with others, addicted to pleasure/emotional-based addictions.

Underactive Sacral chakra( insufficient energy)

Feeling flat or lifeless, emotionally cold/numb, inability to feel or express emotions, lack of passion & excitement, unenthusiastic about life, lack of pleasure, aimlessness and lack of focus, passivity, indecisiveness, aloofness, pessimism, feeling unworthy or unloved, feeling shame or guilt, repression, fear of intimacy, low libido/lack of sexual desire, sexually inhibited, feeling restricted, inability to have fun or experience pleasure, blocked creativity, , feelings of inadequacy, perfectionism, controlling or co-dependent, clingy, moodiness, rigid attitude, judgemental, feelings of injustice or betrayel, low self esteem, overly sensitive, shy, timid, suppressed feelings, immobilized by fear, isolation, feeling ‘invisible’, mistrusful, anti-social, self-regrets, unfulfilled longings/desires, sexual or emotional abuse, fear of change, uncertainty, feeling victimized.



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