Holistically Being is about finding alternative ways to evolve from the inside out and manifesting into the person you’re supposed to be.

You should have inner peace…

You should feel good about yourself…

You should have the ability to make yourself happy…

You should be at your physical best…

If one of these doesn’t apply to you, OR if none of these apply to you, this is the blog for you.


Holistically Being is your source for all things holistic, metaphysical, spiritual, and SO MUCH MORE. We are believers of incorporating not only physical, but metaphysical and spiritual methods that’ll bring you good energy, solitude, and balance to your life.


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Hey there! My name is Lakia McDaniel!

I am the content creator behind the leading holistic wellness blog, Holistically Being.

When I’m not behind the mic or the keyboard, I’m on the mat, practicing yoga. I completed my 200-Hr yoga certification in May of 2020. I may be a teacher, but I’m forever a student! My certification allows me to teach Restorative Yoga in my spare time. I am also an author who started out many years ago as a fiction writer. However, I dabbled into a bit of spiritual & erotic poetry with my last book titled, How a Diamond was Made.



Lakia’s mission is to push into the world, the importance of wellness and wholeness by implementing holistic/spiritual methods.

​”What we feel, eat, and think are all interconnected. Let’s heal those areas intricately, so we can navigate through life with a healthier mind, body, and spirit.”


Field of Focus

To live and not just exist.

To live abundantly in health, wealth, gratitude, and solitude and show the world how to live the same way on all levels.

​In spite of many of life’s “plot twists”, what we desire can still be manifested.



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