Have you ever thought back to the beginning of your day and wondered why you’ve said what you’ve said? OR did what you’ve done? OR behaved the way you did and thought soon after, you could’ve handled that better?

Have you ever thought back to the beginning of your day and realized it was actually better than you’ve hoped because you were careful and selective with how you chose to feel and handle things/people/experiences/etc.?

Self-assessments are necessary and self-evaluations are important. At night, when it’s all said and done, and we’re headed to dream land, it’s imperative that we take every lesson we’ve learned and apply them to our next journey. As we tuck ourselves in bed, let’s be mindful of the lessons learned and know that no experience was in vain.

Below is a list of common questions we should ask ourselves before we fall asleep:

  1. Did I practice mindfulness today?

Practicing mindfulness gives us the ability to stay in the present moment. A lot of times, we don’t realize the anxiety we create for ourselves on a daily basis from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. It could be from something as simple as choosing what to eat for breakfast to something more significant like thinking of a bill that needs to be paid. With the many roles we play in our lives as parents, employees, entrepreneurs, lovers, etc., it’s almost impossible NOT to practice mindfulness 24/7. But with constant practice, dedication, focus, and patience with ourselves, it can be done.

2) Were my actions today a true representation of me?

Depending on our day and the experiences we have, we can sometimes, act “out of character”. Whether it was positive or negative, we have to stay mindful of alignment. What we feel, what we do, and what we say and believe makes us the people we are now. If our experiences doesn’t align with who we are, it’s best to revisit some ideas on how to choose experiences that will. Only then is when our actions represent the the people we are.

3) Have I loved myself  properly today?

This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway! When we love ourselves the right way, beautiful things happen. We attract people and experiences that will help make our days better. Loving ourselves also gives us the ability to say no when we need to, say yes when we want to, place boundaries when they need to be placed and honor our worth! We take better care of our mind, body, and spirit when we love ourselves correctly.

4) Have I loved others? 

Spreading sunshine to others, especially if they’re experiencing some darkness does wonders for our own spirit. There’s a saying, be kind to others because we have no idea what they may be going through.

5) Have I added to my purpose today?

If we’ve implemented experiences that supports the path we’re taking, we’re in the right direction. Whether or not our day was good, as long as we’ve done something that aligns with our purpose, we’ve successfully had the day we were supposed to have.

6) How can I approve tomorrow?

Although I support staying in the present moment, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for our next day’s journey by of course, applying what we’ve learned from the day’s experience. Evaluating what we’ve done or didn’t do can be the catalyst for some level of personal change. We can approve by becoming a better version of ourselves day by day.