It may be hard to believe that regular meditation can improve your sex life, but think about it!

Why DO we meditate?

To relieve stress

To be in the present moment

Improves concentration

Alleviates anxiety


Stress, anxiety, lack of concentration and lack of focus during the present can negatively affect your sex life.


As adults, we navigate through life with circumstances/personal challenges that will produce mental/emotional blockages, hindering us from becoming our best selves. That includes the inability to give our all in the bedroom. Emotional blockages such as stress can decrease sexual desire and performance.

Meditating on a regular basis, can lift those blockages and here’s how!

Meditation decreases stress- Contrary to popular belief, sex doesn’t get rid of stress as many may believe. That’s because the unsolved circumstance and/or problem will still exist after the sex is over. You may feel relieved from the tension that built up, but the feeling is temporary. Stress also causes Erectile Dysfunction. According to ‘Health Line’, stress and anxiety can also affect how the brain signals your lover’s body’s physical response. In the case of an erection, stress and anxiety can interrupt how the brain sends messages to the penis to allow extra blood flow. Meditation puts you in a state of mental clarity, therefore, providing the signal your lover needs from his brain.

Meditation supports better concentration – Because meditating brings you a clearer mind, you and your lover can be more in tune with one another. That kind of focus will bring you both a much-needed orgasm.

Meditation helps you live in the moment–  Meditation alleviates anxiety from the past and worry about the future. Therefore, meditation brings you into the present and that aids in relieving mental distraction. We need to be in the present moment because during that moment, we should be focused on giving and receiving pleasure. We like our lovers to be attentive and aware…not distracted.


Meditation makes you happier– Meditation is a powerful mental tool that releases anger and/or disappointment. By relieving that anger, it makes room for positive thoughts which increases happiness.