Affirmative Statement– “I LOVE” Energy Type– Feminine/Yin Color Association– Green/Pink Element-Air Mantra– “YAM” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition –Self-love/Self-acceptance – Deep Seated Emotions (Unconditional Love and Compassion) Spiritual Lesson-Unconditional Self and Universal Love and Compassion; Gratitude and Appreciation of Self and Other; Forgiveness (of self and other) and Understanding; Spiritual Relationship withRead More →

As a crystal lover, have you ever wondered which crystals resonate with your zodiac sign? Well, look no further! Here are all the zodiac signs and the crystals that are perfect for each one AND WHY! Capricorn: Malachite: Fights emotional blockage by bringing the heart and mind at ease  RedRead More →

We can spend all day, every day eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising. However, if our spirit is in need of cleansing, we’re pretty much defeating the purpose. Detoxification can be done two ways. Physically and spiritually. The unique duality is one can’t be done withoutRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I WILL” Energy Type– Masculine/Yang Color Association– Yellow Element-Fire Mantra–  “RAM” Consciousness Focus- Self-empowerment/Self-definition – Intellectual Sense of Self (Will Power) Spiritual Lesson-Learning to be Effective Co-Creators with God/Universe; Using One’s Will for their Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. Type of yoga– Karma The Solar PlexusRead More →

Affirmative Statement– “I FEEL” Energy Type– Feminine/Yin Color Association– Orange Element-Water Mantra–  “Vam” Consciousness Focus- Sexual prowess, creativity, self-esteem Spiritual Lesson-Honoring Relationships; Learning how to “let go” / let go of control and unhealthy attachments, as well as issues and judgments so we can surrender, go with the flow and beRead More →