Practicing a holistic lifestyle is a journey!

Welcome to my online home, as I share my journey of implementing holistic/spiritual methods for a healthier mind, body and spirit. This is also your go-to destination for interviews with your local heroes, social media influencers, and your favorite celebs involved in wellness, spiritual growth, and holistic living!

LET ME TELL Y’ALL…there’s some days that I succeed and there are some days when your girl slips!…LOL

Sharing my experiences, even the non-successful parts of my holistic journey, is what I look forward to, because I know I’m not alone! I want to share my experiences with you every week! I also want to share the experiences of others who are on a similar journey to a healthier mind, body, and spirit!

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Are you practicing a holistic lifestyle?

Do you believe mental health awareness is a part of one’s holistic journey?

Are you intrigued by metaphysical healing?

Do you become inspired/motivated by the holistic/spiritual healing journey of others?

Are there days when you crave yo mama’s biscuits and not that fresh fruit salad?

Do you skip a workout/yoga practice one day out of the week and feel like you’ve committed a crime?

Are you intrigued by Kundalini?

Do you check your weight, then check two days later like those two days make a significant difference?

Do you still buy seedless fruit?

Do you try to execute a yoga pose like that girl on Instagram who may not be human?

Do you believe Law of Attraction can make a difference in your life?

Do you wanna look and feel sexy naked?

Do you believe a WHOLElistically healed person can enhance their manifesting powers?

Do you believe in the power of manifestation?



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